Khachaturian Sonatina Analysis Essay


musical style draws on the melodic and rhythmic vitality of Armenian folk music. Although notadverse to sharp


,Khachaturiannever strayed from a basically


musicallanguage. The Piano Concerto and the

Violin Concerto in D Minor 

are truly


works,virtuosic, clear, and unaffectedly expressive, remaining therefore popular and frequentlyperformed composition. Of course, many neither of these works matches the popularity of thefamous "Sabre Dance" from the ballet


, which madeKhachaturiana household nameduring World War II. His other works include film scores, songs, piano pieces, and chamber music. The degree of Khachaturian's success as a Soviet composer can be measured by hismany honors, which include the 1941 Lenin Prize, for the Violin Concerto, the 1959 Stalin Prize,for the ballet


, and the title, awarded in 1954, of People's Artist. -- Blair Johnston

Piano Solo


Adventures of Ivan, for piano

Coll. of Character/Single-Movement/Misc. Works for Keyb.1926

Andantino, for piano

Andante for Keyboard1940

Budionovka, mass dance for piano

Dance-Based Keyboard Music1947

Children's Album Book 1, for piano

Coll. of Character/Single-Movement/Misc. Works for Keyb.1964-1965

Children's Album Book 2, for piano

Coll. of Character/Single-Movement/Misc. Works for Keyb.1944

Choreographic Waltz, for piano

Waltz for Keyboard1933

Dance Suite No.3, for piano

Suite/Partita for Keyboard1926

Dance, for piano in G minor 

Dance-Based Keyboard Music1929

Fugues (6), for piano

Collection of Contrapuntal/Improv. Pieces for Keyboard1934

March No.3, for piano

March for Keyboard1961

Piano Sonata, in E flat major 

20th/21st Century Sonata/Sonatina for Keyboard1958

Piano Sonatina, in C major 

20th/21st Century Sonata/Sonatina for Keyboard1944

Pieces (3), for 2 pianos

Music for Two Keyboards1925

Poem, for piano

Character/Single-Movement/Miscellaneous Work for Keyboard1927

Poem, for piano in C sharp minor 

Character/Single-Movement/Miscellaneous Work for Keyboard1966

Recitative and Fugue (Double Fugue),for piano

Prelude for Keyboard1932

Round Dance, for piano

Rondeau for Keyboard1944

Suite, for 2 pianos

Music for Two Keyboards1932

Suite, for piano

Suite/Partita for Keyboard1932

Toccata, for piano in E flat minor 

Toccata for Keyboard1928

Variations on the theme "Solveg", for piano

20th/21st Century Variations for Keyboard1978

Vocalise, for piano in C major 

Character/Single-Movement/Miscellaneous Work for Keyboard1926

Waltz-Caprice, for piano in C sharpminor 

Waltz for Keyboard1926

Waltz-Etute, for piano

Waltz for Keyboard


1929Allegretto, for violin & pianoViolin with Keyboard

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