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I will tell you a tale of a woman of great success. This is a woman that has inspired me to be something great one day and to never give up trying. Though she may be growing into her elderly years she has lived a very challenging, joyful, loving and successful life. She is a woman of great faith and character, she is my grandmother. Mary Imogene Cothren was born in Lawrenceburg Tennessee, November 12, 1929 to George and Chapel Cothren. Her family then relocated to a small town in Ohio by the name of Ashland. This is where she was raised and has lived most of her life. From the time she was born, although her name was Mary Imogene her family called her Imogene. When Imogene was five her mother became pregnant with a little girl. The…show more content…

Imogene to this day likes to go visit Shirley’s tomb stone and think of all the memories they could have made together. Eight years later George and Chapel gave birth to another daughter Barbara Cothren. Imogene and Barbara were close growing up. Even though there was an eight year age difference they both had a lot of fun together. They were raised at 1215 Myers Avenue in Ashland Ohio and attended Grant Street Elementary School. Some of Imogene’s favorite memories were at this house, playing outside with Barb without a care in the world.
The Cothren’s were a very God based family. George and Chapel raised their girls in a Godly household and expected much discipline out of their daughters. Surprisingly though, Imogene did not except the Lord until 1946 when she was sixteen years old. She discussed in her interview that she accepted the Lord on Palm Sunday at a revival at her church, West Tenth Street Brethren Church. At first she wouldn’t go forward because she was planning on being baptized the following Sunday and felt that wasn’t right to just now be excepting Christ. The pastor then took her aside and he told her it didn’t matter the Lord wanted her no matter what the circumstance, it didn’t matter. This was the beginning of a very God based life for Imogene. She took her faith very seriously and knew how important her relationship with her Savior was.
Church was a place of many great memories for Imogene. She accepted Christ early enough in her

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My grandmother is an ideal woman for us. She is the center of enchantment in our house.We have provided a useful essay on My Grandmother for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. You can select any one according to your necessity.

10 Lines Essay on My Grandmother

1. The name of my grandmother is Bidulata Mishra

2. She is 58 years old.

3. She is fair and strong.

4. Her hair has turned grey.

5. She is very pious and talkative.

6. She chews paan always.

7. She loves to watch T.V. or to play cards.

8. She helps my mother in the domestic work.

9. She tells us stories in the evening.

10. She is truthful loving and kind.

Essay  on My Grandmother (100 words)

My grandmother is a perfect woman. She is sixty-nine years old. She is so much healthy at this age. She wakes up early from her bed. She is also well-educated. She never sits idle. She helps my mother with her household work. She loves my father and mother very much. She has a lot of affection for me. She sits with us when we are in a studying. When we have any difficulty, she always helps us. Our neighbours also love my grandmother very much. Most of my neighbours and family members often come to my grandmother for advice. I love my “grandma” so much.

Essay on My Grandmother  (150 to 200 words)

My grandmother is a woman of good habits. She is seventy-one years old. She gets up very early from her bed. She wakes us up and asks us to read our lessons. She sits us for some time and watches us at studies. Then she goes to do her usual work. She finishes everything in an hour. She is a pious woman. She reads some verses from the Gita every day. She offers her prayers and performs her daily religious rite. She finishes everything by daybreak. My grandfather returns from his morning walk. Both of them sit sipping their morning tea and talking about various things. She is a woman of pleasing nature. Once you start talking with my grandmother, you will forget yourself. She will tell you a lot of things about her life and experience. Her ways of approach are so lovely that you cannot but listen to her with rapt attention. Her talking has no end. But it is quite lively and pleasing.

My grandmother has all good wishes and blessings for us. We feel that her blessings ensure us against all the ills of the world. She often passes her time with us. She, at times, tells us funny jokes and stories. She, wants us to read well and become great in our life. And we are sure her good wishes will lead us on. She has every love for my father and mother. She is much perturbed if my father is a little late from his office. My parents love my grandmother very much. They take every care of her. She is quite devoted to grandfather. She talks to him hours together. They sit discussing their achievements and failures and also the welfare of the family.  I love my grandmother so much.

Essay on My Grandmother ( 300 to 400 words)


My grandmother is the centre of attraction in our family. She is about sixty years old. She is of average stature. She is healthy even at this advanced age. She is free from illness. Her eyesight is quite good, and her teeth are alright. She is a little hard of hearing. But it matters nothing to her. She can quickly understand what you are speaking of the very movement of your lips. Her very look is quite pleasing. It gives an impression that it is the ocean of love and affection of the world.

Plain living and teaches my mother's the ways of making varieties of cakes:

My grandmother is a woman of plan living. She takes simple food-rice mixed with rice water, vegetable curry pickles. She is a vegetarian. She takes her food once at noon and earlier in the night at nine p.m. She makes tea only two times: once in the morning and once the evening. She always puts on plain and light coloured saree. She does not like sarees of gorgeous colours. This does not mean that she is opposed to the fashions and styles. She is good at handy work. She can knit sweaters for us. She never likes to sit idle. She keeps herself busy with some work or other. She extends her helping hand to my mother in her household work. She knows well how to prepare sweets and varieties of cakes. On festive occasions, she makes cakes to cater to our tastes. My mother has learnt the ways of making cakes from my grandmother

Good judgmental and everybody seeks her advice:

My grandmother is a calm woman with good and balanced judgement. When there is any problem, she gives excellent advice for its solution. She is smart enough to tackle any challenge. Though old, my mother seeks her help in the household affairs. We love her very much, and in return, we enjoy her perennial stream of affection for us all. She is a virtuous woman. Our neighbours speak highly of her. Many women come to her for aid and advice. She welcomes them with a smile, listens to their problems with every patient and offers the right solutions to everybody.


I love my grandmother very much. She is an inspiration to every member of the family. I pray to God to give her long life and sound health.

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