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The positive and negative effects of globalisation in China

rodrigo | November 11, 2012

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This essay will explain what globalisation is and then it will carry on explaining and identifying the positive and negative effects of Globalisation in China. It has been over a few decades that many economists have wondered about what precisely globalisation is all about in the world and particularly in China. Globalisation is the integration of the economies of the world not only in terms of goods and services but ideas of information technology as well.

The western culture is seen to have its negative effect in China this way of lifestyle is seen to drastically infiltrate into the local people’s lifestyle through mediums such as the influence of the television and particularly the media and because of this, it has caused a huge impact on the society in China.

Their cultures and traditions are seen to change as they slowly try to adapt to the lifestyle of the foreigners. In addition, half-true information is spread through the internet. At this present day and age, these kinds of messages turn out to be ambigous to the locals and the society and it spread’s extremely fast in China because China is an overpopulated country and hence all this was just a falserumour spreaded. Moreover, the citizens of china are over inhabited and as a result human trafficking and pollution increases in the country and because of this reason, the population in china are likely and expected to fall sick and get infected. (PILLAI: 2000-2010)Furthermore, tourists pay a visit to china as they would normally come for tourism reasons or they would like to enjoy their holidays with their families hence when these tourists advance to china they are easily getting caught with diseases like hiv/aids or they are likely to fall ill and these kinds of diseases spreads very fast between them. Nevertheless if the diseases are spreaded between the tourists’s, it will cause them not to go again and this can cause a huge impact on the tourism field in china.However the health of the nation is also getting effected. Reason being the residents of china tend to eat outside as the fast food restaurants like Kfc and Mc Donald’s are easily accessible when they go for shopping, trips, outings and also when they are on the main roads. This automatically attracts the locals and it causes them to eat outside and for this reason their food cycle would change and hence they would have to adjust to their new lifestyle and it could cause an unpleasant impact on their health and also in their balanced diet. It is also a trend in china that the locals would prefer junk food rather than a good proper balanced food which is good and beneficial for their bodies. Furthermore they always ignore the fact that junk food is not proper food, which is bad for their health and is not good for them for the societies and cultures that leave in china.However, the citizens in china are also affected by their low wage rate earning because they don’t have enough money to provide for their families and as they are unable to satisfy their needs and wants because of their low income salaries and this causes a massive impact on their loved ones if there isn’t any cash flowing to their families.

Nevertheless, the rich and wealthy families always grow and be prosperous time and again they always enjoy the luxurious items and their life to the maximum because of their high income and salaries which enabled them to get control over the nation which helps them get easy cash flow in their pockets which is later shared in their families. However, these kind of people are always expected earn illegal cash. In addition they are always inclined towards corruption and they will never be content with what they have as they will always demand more. Another negative effect of globalisation in china is when people move from developed to developing countries they would be faced with a low wage income and the working conditions and standard of living would not be the same with that of the developed countries. (NASH, 2008).

Nevertheless some business’s who don’t have any might or will not be able to do business better because not behind all the businesses they are Politian’s who look after them so some of the businesses want be able to compete on a global scale so those businesses who aren’t doing well will tend to close down be bankrupt.

There are other positive effects of globalisation which are very helpful and useful for china. Some of them are that china has changed immensely and grown and has become more prosperous and become successful as well, the standard of living has also increased. This country which did not have any sources of luxurious items and cars before can now enjoy all the resources and hence they are now very comfortable and relaxed in their lives and they are slowly starting to cherish in becoming more satisfied because they could now buy good clothes and new cars whenever they want and this is really helping the people of china a great deal and all this has happened because of globalisation. (NASH, 2008).Over the recent years there has been an increase in the media coverage in china because of the improvement in human privileges as they are now many reporters within the locals and also around the world and this has really helped the people of china and also the foreigners who would like to know what is happening in china they can now watch and enjoy any channel and broadcast in china of their choice as this creates room for the world’s attention.In addition the other positive effect of globalisation is that when they are many cultures who come to china to visit their relatives or their friends or for those people who have already settled, it’s because of the reason stated it will create unity and togetherness on their cultures when several people of different backgrounds come together as it will cause them to become together and their societies could increase and become expand when everyone from different traditions and customs are seen to be together and this would be really beneficial for the same cultures or other cultures because they would probably share the same or different languages with familiar or not mutual habits,morals,traditions and this really helps the people of china and all this is because of globalization.However many businesses in china are protected by Politian’s and they are also given some financial help as well and they also secure and protect the organisation and by this motivated boost they are enable to compete with the foreign businesses and which lead them to perform better.

The other most powerful effect of globalisation in china is education, now days after you have completed high school and you would like to study abroad to pursue further education these days you can look for the best universities and colleges without even any problem. You would probably go to another country or stay in your home country to study further or study abroad the reason why people would want to pursue their studies internationally is because of the better facilities and proper courses, education and good lecturers. In addition this would create a whole new experience in their life for the international students when they meet different people with different cultures and traditions, When you come together you would share each other’s experiences, skills you have achieved in your life and you could start bonding with each other and hence this would create a whole new understanding for you.

Furthermore after you have completed your studies abroad and specialised in a particular field of your interest or choice you could come back to your home country and spread the knowledge, Nevertheless some people would rather study locally because of the financial reasons if you would like to study abroad you would probably have to use more than you would if you would study locally.

The other most positive effect of globalisation is the means of resources is in the Information Technology field these days you can do everything with a click of a mouse and you would get a lot of information and it would help you and could be really beneficial for you hence all this is again because of globalisation.

Moreover the other positive effect of globalisation is that when they are many companies globally it would automatically increase competition because all the organisation and companies would like to gain a place in the market and all the organisation would have to produce better or high quality products which have a value and they would have to decrease their prices and in the end the consumers benefit because of the high quality goods and services offered to them hence it’s all because of competition.Moreover the other positive reasons are because of free trade it’s supporting the developing world to raise the standard of living and also increase in the developed world. A place like china where they are many business’s and all of them want to gain the customers advantage it will increase competition between the companies and it will force prices to decrease and in the end the consumers will gain as they could save a lot of money because of the cheaper prices and this would help them to use it on other things or save it for future. In addition the another positive effect of globalisation in china is, these days Foreign trade has improved because before people would have to do unfair and not proper means so that they would get whatever they demanded and all that which used to happened before has been vanished. However, these days’ things are done in a more civilized way it’s because of the humans and the mutual relationships between them which has helped them do it in a civilized way hence for those who do it the illegal way they would have to face the World trade organisation as they are the ones who control the trade in other countries.On the other hand when developed countries leads by outsourcing to developing countries this could lead people from getting jobs as they could refrain from child labour, prostitution, and begging hence all this is because of globalisation.



In conclusion, globalisation has both advantages and disadvantages which i have stated earlier and how it can affect the country and how it can contribute to china.

References and Globalisation 2003/10/10/ speech by H.E Ambassador Zha Peixin At Chinese Economic Association Annual Reference (14 April, 2003) [Accessed: 15/4/2011]


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The Effects Of Globalisation On China

Globalisation is the process of increased integration between different economies of the world to create a unified global economy. Economists believe that this movement will lead to a more efficient allocation of resources as countries produce goods and services where they have a comparative advantage. For globalisation to work, it is necessary to promote free trade between nations to enable goods and services to flow between various economies.

"The future of China's economic development is bound up inextricably with the global economy" (Dr Augimeri). Through radical economic and political reforms introduced by President Deng in 1978, China has successfully transitioned from a planned economy to a more open, price mechanism determined economy. Only 1/3 of the economy is state owned with state enterprises falling from 78% in 1978 to 34% in 1994. Since its welcoming of global integration, China has enjoyed an annual average growth rate of 10% since 1978 and is currently ranked 7th largest economy in the world. Ironically, China remains a developing country as its GDP per capita of $5600 remains relatively low compared to the rest of the world and more than 26.1 million of the population still live in absolute poverty. China's success in the face of globalisation can be assessed in terms of their trade, foreign investment, financial flows, the international business cycle and labour movements.

The prominent effects of globalisation on China are their growth in foreign trade and FDIs. Globally, trade has dramatically increased from US$8.5 trillion (39.3% output) in 1990 to US$17.3 trillion (50.1% output) in 2003. China's economy has benefited significantly through globalisation and as the "manufacturer of the world", China depends on its large exports for growth. In 2002, China contributed 10% to global growth and 17% to global imports. China's emphasis on trade has seen its exports increase at 17% per year on average since its integration into the global market. A clear indicator of the positive effects of globalisation is that 64% of China's export growth has come from Western companies established in China.

China's openness to globalisation and greater market orientation meant that their exports especially in areas of labour intensive manufacturing (88% of total exports) continue to maintain its greatest comparative advantage. The composition of China's most competitive exports include building materials, coal, processed food, textiles and clothing. China also accounts for around 25% of world demand for crude steel and 27% for Iron Ore. Most recently, the EU has complained to the WTO about the sudden surge of textiles export and wants safeguard measures against China. China as an export dependent country will continue to pursue undervalued currencies, because a cheap currency aids exports and punishes imports. Also its cheap...

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