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Police Officer Essay

Police Officer
     Its two o’ clock in the morning. You wake up to the sound of a drug-addict vandalizing a mobile home. When this happens, who do you call? Not your mother, but the cops. The typical cop faces this situation on a regular basis. A policemen’s life is far from Hollywood; it is quite difficult to work where most people don’t acknowledge your life or job. Most people think of policemen as a nuisance, but cops are much more than that; they save lives.
     Policemen keep the peace, enforce laws, control riots, prevent injustices, investigate crimes, and help people. In small cities, police do different things, while in larger cities, officers tend to specialize. A police officer’s routine can range from receiving orders to chaising high-speed pursuits (Tech Careers 765). The federal, state, county, and city level employs policemen. They are under oath to uphold the law twenty-four hours a day (Phifer 281).
     Going to college is not currently required, but with many people wanting to be police officers, it is best to take a two or four year course. High school classes that will help include psychology, sociology, English, law, mathematics, U.S. government, history, chemistry, physics, foreign languages, and driver education. Most departments offer programs for young adults to learn what it is like to be a police officer. There are also police academies for people to learn how to be a cop. The minimum age one can apply is twenty-one (Tech Careers 768-769).
According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a starting police officer will earn an average of $28,200 a year(369), as officers get promoted, they earn more money. The highest policemen, a Police Chief,...

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1547 words - 6 pages Becoming a police officer takes a lot of patience and hard work. People in police work do many time-consuming projects and duties. Some of them include being on patrol, driving around looking for anyone who needs help or is in danger, and enforcing all laws. Some examples of illegal activities are speeding, driving a car that's not registered, drug deals, and fights (including domestic violence and gangs).The duties of a police officer...

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1198 words - 5 pages It would be fulfilling to be a police officer because police officers help people in the community and keep it safe. They also enforce the law. They are the reason why people can live their lives in peace. If there is anyone in the community that citizens can trust it would be the police officers. Police officers have to accomplish many things in their workday. (Career Cruising.com) They have to write detailed reports and fill out...

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1258 words - 5 pages 1) What are the implications of the "Dirty Harry Problem" relative to community expectations of police officer roles and functions? How does this issue relate the role of balancing individual and societal rights? "When and to what extent does the morally good end warrant or justify an ethically, politically, or legally dangerous means for its achievement?" This is the question posed by Carl Klockars about the ever growing Dirty Harry problem...

This is an "I want to be a police officer when I grow up" type of paper. It was quick and easy. Not one to take too seriously. References Listed.

1193 words - 5 pages Police OfficerIn today's society, there are many violators of the law. Whether minor or severe, the violations have consequences, and those are upheld by law enforcement personnel. From security guards to police officers, each law enforcement agent does his or her part in maintaining the laws and justice. By serving the community and providing safety to...

This is an analytical paper about lowering the age to receive an FOID (Firearm Owner's Identification) and the age to become a police officer. Included is an informative abstract and a bibliography.

3372 words - 13 pages Informative AbstractThis paper describes a job as a police officer, why the government should change the age requirement to become a police officer, and a change in the age for acquiring an FOID (Firearm Owner's Identification Card).A job as a police officer...

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829 words - 3 pages In this paper, I will be writing about Police Discretion. I will start by defining Police Discretion then briefly discuss the use of discretion in domestic disturbances, minor misdemeanors, and traffic enforcement. I will also discuss the application of police discretion, the provisions it uses and how it is currently practiced. At the end of these brief descriptions, I will then present the myth that exists in regards to police discretion....

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1226 words - 5 pages A police officer is required to have probable cause to stop a vehicle, which can be, but not limited to a traffic violation, equipment violation, or simply suspicious activity. A frisk of the occupants of a vehicle is justified if the police officer has reasonable suspicion that the occupants are armed and dangerous. In this essay, I will identify the levels of police encounter involved in the case study. I will describe the legal...

The Policeman

The policeman is a government servant. He plays an important role. He is the guardian of law and order. His work is very useful. He is strong and smart. People are generally afraid of him.

He wears a khaki uniform and red cap on his head. He is trained to lead a very hard and disciplined life. He has to go through a rigorous training. He is cool and fearless. He is trained to use the fire arms when he goes for parade in the morning during training period.

He guards our home at night. He catches thieves and anti-socials and takes them to the police station. He controls the road traffic. This saves the people from accidents. He helps in finding out black-marketers, hoarders, gamblers, wagon-breakers, etc.

Some police men are dishonest and take bribes and fail in their duty. In spite of his hard and disciplined life, he is found indulging in corrupt practices.

A policeman’s life is always in danger and nobody knows what may happen. He should be well paid to make it worthy of a free society.

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