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As it is well-known fact we Nepalese have more gods and goddesses than human beings and more festival than those actually fits in a yearly calendar of 365 days but what makes the festive month of Dashain and Tihar quiet special and is regarded as the greatest festival of a hindu culture is once in every year  we all Nepalese from different caste and creed free ourself from our day-to-day routine and all the tensions that comes along with it and set ourself to a month of full enjoyment with our precious family members and the ones that really makes our lives precious and makes ourself feel important in this world.

The festival itself lasts for about 15 days starting from the first day of dashain with ghatasthapana following with nawaratri including fulpathi , mahaasthami, mahanawami and concluding with 10th day of mahadashami which is also known as the day of tika, where elders and youngsters shares blessings with each other and wish for the prosperity and well’s specially fun for the kids as i remember when i was one getting all those money from the elders as dakshina  and the sharing of blessings as tika lasts for 4 more days so that people from far away places can come and make a visit even though only once in a year it makes those visits special and as a lovely remembrance. In all these 15 days people makes sure they won’t miss out any fun part of two weeks of festive eve. From meeting old friends and playing cards to drinking and all.  And after a quick week break there comes tihar which is a part of dashain more like a second half of it. It is more popularly seen as the festive week of bright and sparkling nights with worshipping of goddess laxmi  and concluding with bhai tika which is the resemblance of love between brothers and sisters. Here the more fun part is playing deusi and bhailo and burning firecrackers and wherever you go you find one’s home bright in lights in their own way.

What makes this festive month special and different is that we can see that undoubtly happy reaction and smiles on the face of the people when the month is approaching and it helps us all free ourself from the hassle of life and take a break from whatever it is that we’re upto and indulge ourself into  a month of enjoyious pleasure and happy times and look forward to the next one.

At last i wish all my viewers and subscribers along with my well wishers and all my friends and family a very happy dashain and tihar and hope you all will enjoy at it’s best avoiding all the negative sides. Thank you.

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Nepal is rich in its culture and traditions. The varieties of festivals and occasions we celebrate carry own significance.

Dashain “The Greatest Festival of Nepalese”

Among them, Dashain being the greatest festival for Nepalese is always celebrated with the zeal and most joyful ways. It is celebrated almost for 15 days in the month of October; 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th days are most important.
The 1st day is welcomed following the rituals of ‘Ghatsthapana’ by worshiping Goddess Durga for 9 consecutive days. The main day is called ‘Dashami’ which is also known as ‘Vijaya Dashami’, the day when Goddess Durga got victory over demons. On this day the seniors put ‘Tika’ and ‘Jamara’ giving blessings to their younger ones. The special money given to the younger ones is received as ‘Dakchhina’. This day is like a family reunion where everyone enjoys with the varieties of food, playing cards, flying kites, etc. Dashain not only reunites the families and friends but it also gives the working people time to relax and have the rejuvenated towards life.

Tihar “The Festival of Lights”

Tihar is the most beautiful and dazzling festival for the Hindus. It is the second greatest festival for Nepalese, after Dashain. It is said to be the festival of the lights. The cities and the surroundings look very clean and wonderful with the smell and presence of the marigold flowers.
The festival usually falls in the month of October or November, celebrated for five days worshiping 4 different animals i.e. Kaag Tihar (Crow Tihar), Kukur Tihar (Dog Tihar), Gai Tihar (Cow Tihar)- the main day to worship the goddess of wealth, Laxmi, Goru Tihar (Ox Tihar) and the 5th day is celebrated as ‘Bhaitika’ which signifies and carries great importance for the love and concern between brothers-sisters. The sisters put the seven colours Tika on the brother’s forehead and pray for their longer life and progress. Tihar always brings the joyous and jolly mood in the families and friends; playing ‘Deusi-bhailo’ and trying the best to welcome the goddess Laxmi, who is believed to bring the happiness and positivity towards the life of the people.


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