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My favourite TV programme


Many programmes are telecast on television. Out of them, on the channel Rupavahini, a Korean story called ‘Sujatha Diyani’ was telecast. It has been translated into Sinhala. It is a very beautiful story of a girl who tries to bring justice by proving that females can also do what males do. The English translation is ‘The Jewel in the Palace’.

Changumi, the main character, loses her parents at a very young age. Afterwards she returns to the palace as a maid. She faces many problems and is expelled from the palace. She takes to the path of medicine and is made the king’s chief doctor (though it was forbidden for females at that time).
She faces many challenges in life and inspite of her gender, she makes many discoveries which make great changes in the field of medicine.
Later she leaves the palace even though she could have been on a high position with a lot of power. This shows that more than power other things should be more important to us.

There is a valuable lesson to be learnt from this story. It shows that impatience and greed for power will lead you to nothing while patience and honesty will give you the best results someday in life.

Janani Gajadheera
(14 years)
Willesden College Int., Battaramulla

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I love the TV programme CRAFT aired on ABC channel at 6 o'clock in the evening every day. I am fond of it because they show how to make attractive items with the help of various throw-away things. I have learnt to make unique decorative objects with discarded items such as old newspapers and plastic objects. The timing of the programme is favourable and convenient for me because my studies do not get affected.

Once they had shown how to make a toy castle with plastic bottles. I liked the idea very much and attempted to make one. I ultimately succeeded and every one praised my efforts. CRAFT has now become my favourite TV show. I learn so many things from it and try to make them myself. Sometimes my work is not as neat as the person on the show but I keep trying my best. I am sure one day I will specialize in junk-art and my artwork would occupy prime places. I will also hold exhibitions for children and workshops for those who are interested. My parents say it is good to dream but you must also find ways to execute your dreams. They always encourage me no matter what I create out of the trash bin.

My mother, who is interested in crafts, is also happy and often joins me. She is of the opinion that this programme can help me to become more and more imaginative. I keep looking around for waste materials for my artistic endeavour. I love this show and do not miss even a single episode.

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